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These course recordings are available to paid registrants of the June 20 and June 28, 2020 FPM webinars, as well as anyone who paid for the June 13-14, 2020 Face to Face NYC program.

Course Description


In this Knowledge Translation program you will learn how to implement high-value evidence-based MS prehab/rehab in you’re clinic/gym setting. Join us as we take you through the gap process for building a person-centered program. Learn how to perform the Needs Analysis to build a precision profile & then program for you're clients/patients.

We will go over

• Implementation of evidence for High value prehab/rehab

• HOW to bridge the gap (BTG) from knowledge to practice (gym floor, clinic, etc).

• WHAT a Gap Analysis is

Example of my Needs Analysis Questions from my charts

• How to use both the Movement Prep & GPP (general physical prep) (taught in FPM Prepare & Train) for for establishing baseline current capacity

• HOW to BTG from current to required capacity

What you will recieve

• A recording of the webinar

• PDF of slide decks

• Additional resources